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Oil Products

Since our story began 70+ years ago, FC Dawes & Son has grown considerably, covering the whole of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire with a comprehensive range of oil products for households, businesses and the public sector. Whether you need competitively priced heating oil for your home, wish to maximise fuel efficiency for your fleet of HGVs, or require bulk deliveries of Gas Oil for your busy farm, we can meet your needs. FC Dawes & Son Ltd delivers a wide range of products that have been approved for a comprehensive range of applications.

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Why choose us for your fuel and oil products?

We’ve developed a reputation as a dependable supplier, offering our range of products and a rapid delivery service to residential, agricultural, commercial vehicle, construction, food and industrial customers. With our growing fleet of tankers, we’re equipped to make swift deliveries of all sizes, whilst we’re dedicated to providing competitive prices all year round. Below are just a few of the reasons people choose FC Dawes & Son Ltd to heat their home and fuel their businesses:

  • Highly regarded in the industry and have been going strong since 1947.
  • With unrivalled knowledge on all types of fuels and oils, we offer straightforward, honest advice that’s tailored to meet your needs.
  • We provide Signalman Fuel Monitoring devices to ensure you never have to fear running dry, whilst streamlining the ordering process.
  • We treat every delivery as a priority, and we always aim to make our deliveries within just 48 hours.
  • Our modern tankers are equipped to deliver loads from 500 to 19,000 litres of oil.
  • Our business has been built on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Discover the complete range of oil products

We deliver our high quality oil products in all weathers, at the most convenient times for you, so whether you require heating oil during an artic blizzard or heavy downpour, our highly trained team of drivers will not let you down. Whether you’re aiming to maximise fuel efficiency on your farm, improve fuel efficiency for your fleet of trucks or top up your home’s storage tank with the very best domestic heating oil, we’ll combine our local, reliable and tailored deliveries with excellent customer service.

Heating Oil

A penny saved is more than a penny earned, and FC Dawes & Son Ltd can ensure you never have to fear running dry. We’ve been heating homes and families in Herefordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire for more than 70 years, and you’re always guaranteed affordable heating oils, fast deliveries and dependable advice.



We supply a comprehensive range of lubricants, oils, greases, coolants and fluids, ensuring cutting edge equipment and vehicles continue to function flawlessly, minimising downtime for agricultural, horticultural, highway, automotive and industrial specialists.



With a steady supply of Kerosene, you’re able to better protect and maintain your heating system. Perfect for heat and power, it’s ideally suited for a wide range of applications.


Remote Oil Level Monitoring

Running out can be costly, whilst it can turn into a disaster situation, especially in the winter months when your family and workers depend on a regular supply of heating oil. With a Signalman Fuel Monitoring System, you’ll never have to fear an empty tank, whilst you’re able to reduce the number of deliveries to your site, and costs as a result.



We’ve developed strong relationships with transport and logistics departments, supplying White Road Diesel (DERV) to keep their running costs down, whilst maximising efficiency and performance.


Fuel additives

Our Exocet fuel additives deliver the very highest levels of performance for any domestic or commercial application, helping to improve reliability and maximise combustion efficiency.


Gas Oil

FC Dawes & Son Ltd is equipped to provide bulk and 205 litre barrels of Gas Oil at the most competitive prices, helping construction, commercial, industrial, agricultural and rail industries reap the rewards with efficient combustion.


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