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Oil by usage

We know that every individual, business or farm has different oil needs, but we’ve been supplying top quality fuel since 1948, catering for households as well as the commercial, industrial, agricultural and farming sectors.

We invest heavily in our vehicles to ensure loads are delivered quickly and efficiently, whilst we’ve developed a highly regarded reputation in the industry for our consistently competitive prices on all products, including:

We strive to deliver to new and existing customers within just 48 hours, whilst our modern tankers are equipped to provide anywhere from 500 to 19,000 litres of oil, whilst our top up services ensure you never need to worry about running out. Whether you require Kerosene for your classically designed AGA cooker or require competitively priced diesel to fuel your farm, we can provide tailored, fast and dependable services built around your oil usage.

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Fuel for all: From small homes to industrial units and huge working farms

We provide local deliveries throughout Hitchin, Stevenage, Bedford and beyond, whilst we can also work with you to arrange unattended deliveries, minimising downtime for your business or preventing your family from suffering in an excruciatingly cold home. Whether you’re looking for a dependable supplier to fuel your agribusiness or require competitively priced heating oil for your industrial unit, FC Dawes & Son Ltd can provide regular deliveries to ensure you always have oil when you need it.


With living costs continuing to rise and energy prices forever fluctuating, it’s essential to ensure you can call on an established, dependable and competitively priced Heating Oil or Kerosene suppliers. We’ve been heating homes for more than 70 years, whilst we can best advise you on how to monitor and order your essential fuel moving forwards.



Whether you’re looking to heat your factory, fuel your fleet of diesel HGVs or power your construction machinery, we can deliver favourably priced oil and fuel quickly and efficiently. We’re regularly supplying to engineering, transport, construction and automotive customers, and we understand the pressure you’re under to secure the best rates, with a delivery service that you can count on.



With decades of experience supplying oils to farmers and agribusinesses, we combine our excellent customer service with top quality oils and fuels to power agricultural machinery, dry crops and heat growing areas. We understand the difficulties farming communities face, especially during harvest, and our cutting-edge fleet of tankers have been specially developed to deliver your loads quickly and easily, carrying up to 19,000 litres of oil.


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No matter what oil you require, our friendly team will take the time to understand the level of service you need, whilst we can ensure you never have to worry about running out. If you require a quotation on any of our services, please do not hesitate to send us a message or call us using your local telephone number listed on our contact page.

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