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Energy Source Comparisons

Posted on by FC Dawes

There’s a whole host of different energy sources that we utilise to meet our energy requirements. Some of these yield high amounts of energy, but others may be greener or more accessible. In this month’s article, we’ll be outlining the differences between the different types of energy and showing how heating oil is one of … Continue reading

Red Diesel in the UK

Posted on by FC Dawes

  When it comes to diesel fuel, generally there are two different types used in the UK: ‘red’ and ‘white’. ‘White diesel’ is commonly used to fill cars, trucks and other road vehicles, but red diesel is used for heating, agriculture and construction. As many people get confused about the differences between the two, this … Continue reading

What’s the Best Form of Heating for Your Home?

Posted on by FC Dawes

There are numerous ways that you could heat your home, each with its own benefits or drawbacks depending on the type of home that you have. Knowing which form of heating is best for your home, however, can be tricky for those not in the know. Not to worry, though, as this month we’ll be … Continue reading

Autumn Is Coming: Time to Plan for Your Oil Heating

Posted on by FC Dawes

  The end of summer is fast approaching, which means it is high time for you to start planning your heating oil consumption through the colder months before they set in in earnest. If you map out your consumption and schedule deliveries of heating oil to match this, your wallet will thank you in the … Continue reading

What Determines the Price of Fuel?

Posted on by FC Dawes

  As with most fuels, the price of heating oil increases and then ebbs on a regular basis, and the reasons for this can vary greatly. In this month’s article we’ll be looking at just some of the causes for the fluctuations in price you can expect to find in the cost of heating oil. … Continue reading

How Long Will My Oil Last Before I Need to Order More?

Posted on by FC Dawes

Of the utmost importance when it comes to heating oil is knowing exactly how much heat you can expect to get from a full tank of oil. Keeping in the know helps to guarantee that you never go without heating or hot water in your home while you wait for a fresh delivery of fuel, … Continue reading

Heating Oil Safety Checklist

Posted on by FC Dawes

  The benefits of switching to the use of heating oil to warm your home can be vast, but as with any heating source or home appliance there are a few things you’ll need to go through to ensure that your storage tank meets regulation safety requirements, to both keep you and your home safe … Continue reading

Oil Heating vs Gas Heating – What are the differences?

Posted on by FC Dawes

In most homes throughout the UK the choice about whether you heat your home with either oil or gas tends to be made for you, with systems pre-installed and often costly to replace. Two of the most common ways to fuel central heating found in the UK use oil heating and gas heating. The vast … Continue reading

What is the best way to store heating oil?

Posted on by FC Dawes

  When storing your heating oil, it’s important to ensure you are following the correct procedures to keep your home and the surrounding environment safe. There are several considerations to make when deciding where you will keep your heating oil tank; follow our useful guide here for the best way to store your heating oil. … Continue reading

Can heating oil save you money?

Posted on by FC Dawes

Approximately 11% of overall household bills are spent on heating in the UK per year, so getting the most out of your money is important to keeping costs down.   Heating oil is a great source of fuel for keeping for your house warm, but there are ways to ensure that you are using the … Continue reading

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